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I booked a session with Maggie because I had been going around in circles (for months) trying to write my “About” page until I finally decided I needed help. And, I’m SO glad I did! Maggie gave me the key that I needed to start writing something I can feel proud of. I no longer feel stuck and I’ve written more than I had in months! On top of that, she is highly supportive and a pleasure to speak with!

~ Joana Coelho

When I contacted Maggie, I needed a powerful short, bio that could squeeze all my uniques qualities in one paragraph so people in the digital realms would recognize my credibility.  What I got, and what I realize now, is what I needed, was a journey through who I am, what unique value I bring to the market, and honoring my best self so I can attract the right kind of clients.  
Writing a bio brings up all kind of resistance that I never expected (which is why I needed help): the conflict of who I am vs. who I think people want me to be.
It’s not that I don’t consider myself a good writer, it’s that Maggie gave me permission to be who I am, unapologetically, and made me answer questions I’ve never asked myself. The result was that the bio was authentically me, each word my own, but pieced together and guided by her. She is a true artist! THANK YOU!!!”
~ Jessica Magoch

CEO, JPM Sales Partners

I approached Maggie because I needed an About Page and hands down… she is so refreshing, and professional. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Our first Skype interview was scheduled without delay and it lasted for over an hour. I needed to brain-dump all my thoughts of “who I am” and what I want the world to know about me. Not an easy task for me, or for Maggie, but just a few days later I had my first draft ready for review. It took me a while to digest, because it was weird to have “Myself” on paper. A fews days later, we picked up where we had left off and finalized my page.

Working with Maggie was delightful, smooth and very straightforward. She is a great communicator. I could always count on a smile on her face and encouraging words for me. I enthusiastically recommend her for all your writing needs. Thank you, Maggie!

~ Martina Wing

Photographer/Ocean Life Advocate, Martina Wing

“OMG you are a freaking genius!! I LOVE it!! I would literally buy it myself reading that (the program copy). I literally LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I feel like you have really captured my energy with your words. I was listening to something yesterday and the person facilitating the training basically said to successfully sell your products/services you need to make it an undeniable yes for them. Your copy needs to provoke the, “OMG I need that in my life and/or I won’t survive if I don’t have it.” Reading what you wrote did that for me.”

~ Louise Botwright

Business & Life Coach, Louise Botwright

I received an amazing gift today. I worked with Maggie on my About Me page for my website. I am love with her reframing of my previous content.  It is perfect for my site. She captured me and my work so succinctly. I had been struggling to get it just right and she nailed it! I would highly recommend working with Maggie if you are looking for a little magic. She delivers it.

~ Angie Andrews

Coach & Energy Healer, Angie Andrews Inspire

Maggie Rowe is an absolutely lovely copywriter. When we first sat down to chat, she made sure that she understood every aspect of my business so that she could get the finest details right. When the work was finished, it truly sounded like me! She helped me communicate my message into such a concise piece that potential clients feel like they “get me” right away. All of my ideas and thoughts were written down and they flowed beautifully in a way that I never could write myself.

~ Miranda Thompson

Coach, Miranda Thompson Coaching

Maggie inspired me to finally actually write the sales page that I’d been marinating for over 6 months. Her laser-focus and instant connection with my ideal client’s pain points coupled with a generous sprinkle of copy-fairy-dust & powerful tweaks took my first draft from blah to BOOM, in under 30 minutes. Thank you for giving my words a shot of #MaximumMojo!

~ Veera Rautio

Entrepreneur, Speaker

Maggie is very inspiring, full of ideas, suggestions and I got so many ah-ha’s. Thank you so much!

~ Rosemarie St. Louis

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