I’m all about infusing YOU into your copy.


You sit down to write and you’re not sure which parts of your story to share on your About Page…

You have plenty of ideas in your head but writing them down feels awkward, choppy and lacks your personality.

You sound like a formal, corporate, robotic whack-a-doodle when you are NOT.

The idea of “selling yourself” and communicating your value is beyond difficult on a sales page.

Basically, you are all over the place and don’t know where to start.

Would’t it be nice if someone (that would be me) could take what you’ve already written and make it shine?

Or better yet…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a conversation, then I could write the darn thing for you?

Good thing you landed here, my friend!
 ~ Let me help you with that little writing problem you have.
 Here’s what my ideal clients are saying:
OMG you are a freaking genius!! I LOVE it!! I would literally buy it myself reading it (the program copy). I literally LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I feel like you have really captured my energy with your words. I was listening to something yesterday and the person facilitating the training basically said, ‘to successfully, sell your products/services you need to make it an undeniable yes for them. Your copy needs to provoke the, OMG I need that in my life and/or I wont survive if I don’t have it’.” Reading what you wrote did that for me. Louise Botwright



Copywriting and Life Coaching Options

Total Freedom Session

You Pick (1) Page of Content

  • 60 Min on Skype
  • Edit/Review/Structure Copy
  • Message Clarity, Collaborate

Pick Your Page

One Page of Web Copy

  • 60 Min on Skype
  • 2 Edits
  • Choose Home, About or WWM

The Web Essentials Package

Home/About/Work With Me

  • 60 Mins on Skype
  • 2 Edits
  • 3 Pages of Copy (H.A.W.)

Mindset Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Where You Want to Go, Faster

  • 9 Sessions over 3 Months
  • $599/Month or $1,699/In-Full
  • Law of Attraction Foundation

Have another project in mind?

Click HERE and tell me all about it…

The “Make Your Impact” Sales Page

Sell your Program or Service

  • 60 Min on Skype
  • Copy for (1) Sales Page
  • 2 Edits


It’s time to make global impact with your programs and services.

It’s time to create ideal clients that love you and your message.

Copywriting is the answer. (No, seriously, it really is!)

Click HERE to fill out the questionnaire so we can get started.

We’ll Create…
#CopySells #CopyRetiresYourSpouse


Your clients are waiting for you and your message.

Avoiding the inevitable isn’t getting you closer to your dreams of financially retiring your spouse.

(I see you hiding behind your laptop in your yoga pants and hoodie)

You can FEEL it.

It’s time to trust yourself and start listening to THAT voice.

Your clients are waiting for you – They need you to share your message!

Let me help you communicate that message, make a global impact and increase your profits.


1st – You fill out the questionnaire HERE.

2nd – I’ll contact you via email to set up payment through PayPal.

3rd – We schedule time to talk on Skype for a minimum of 60 mins.

4th – (Depending on what you want/need) you have one of two choices…

  1. You take what we talked about (“Copy Consult” session) and you get writing on your own
  2. You hire me to write my little heart out instead

After our conversation, the creative juices will be flowing (for both of us) and the copy will practically write itself.

Copy that writes itself?!

What… Whaaat… That’s what I’m talking about…

Fill out the questionnaire HERE and let’s get started!

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